No Food and Drink in the Wellness Room

The Moffitt Library REST Zone Nap Pods are available to current UCB students. Please respect fellow Wellness Room users by entering, exiting and resting as quietly as possible. We strongly encourage checking out a locker to store store your belongings while using the Wellness Room. Not only does this keep the Wellness Room a distraction-free space for everyone, but you'll rest better knowing your stuff is safe.



  • Please be considerate of others
  • Do not monopolize the space
  • REST Zones are intended for brief naps of 40 minutes
  • REST Zones are for rest—no laptops, no phones
  • Please keep the rest zone clean—don't leave litter for others to pick up after you
  • One person per seat.

The Wellness Room is open at all times Moffitt floors 4 and 5 are open. Reservations are not necessary.